Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I have just installed Zotero and also bought an app (less than $2) that lets me catalogue my books by scanning the ISBN bar codes.  The app then locates the book and uploads it to my Zotero bibliography.  SO SO COOL!!!

Here is the text for my Zotero profile:

My professional background includes both counselling and program coordination in the field of education.  I am interested in personal, community and global healing and the linkages between these. 

My educational background includes a BA in Literature and Women's Studies from Deakin University, a Graduate Certificate in Leadership from Royal Roads University, and Graduate Certification in Sexual Abuse Intervention from the Justice Institute of BC.  I have also studied Conflict Resolution with the J.I. (Vancouver, BC, Canada.)

Just now I am looking for an appropriate Master's Program that will help me consolidate the various knowledges I have collected through both formal education and wide reading.

I am also interested in commonalities and linkages in the fields of Spirituality, Religion, Energy Healing, Art and Play Therapy and Psychology. 

Within Psychology I am most interested in Narrative Therapy (Michael White's revolutionary work), Solution Focused Therapy (Insoo Kim Berg) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (Marsha Linehan).

Within Philosophy I am interested in Michele Le Doeuff and her eloquent critique of the male rational model; and thus I am interested in diverse "Ways of Knowing" and ways of reconciling, interpreting and honouring them.  For this, intercultural knowledges are key.  These may include intuition, revelation, shamanism, rationality, energy work and others; and until we can honour the value and validity of these various ways of knowing, we cannot understand one another in a way that will lead to World Peace.

If I were to write a book it would be about "ways of knowing;' it would be interdisciplinary; it would link knowledges from a range of sources not usually brought together; it would have a practical application for therapists and community workers; and it would be filled with passion and awe, a sense of the numinous, and humility before those who have explored these themes in literature, poetry, healing, philosophy, spirituality and service.

Whenever I contemplate the task, I am somewhat overwhelmed, so I am hoping Zotero will be an effective tool helping me to organize my thinking about the texts I enter and store here.

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