Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gloria Arenson

I have been listening to some speakers on Energy Psychology Cafe; there are many very effective variations in how Energy Psychology is presented.

Today it is Gloria Arenson, a therapist and EFT practitioner.  She introduces what she calls "Narrative Tapping."  This technique helps you explore a range of related issues, and is especially helpful when you're not sure what is at the root of your dissatisfaction, unease, or procrastination.  Basically you use the EFT "basic recipe," (or the WHEE technique I present in a brief video at peacequestenergetics.com/WHEE.html) and just chat as though you are talking to a trusted friend.  Your narrative may follow a meandering path, covering a range of seemingly unrelated issues, and you may find you are uncovering the meta-issue that is behind it all.

If you want to try EFT or WHEE but you're not sure where to start, you are welcome to book a session with me through my website, peacequestenergetics.com.  Energy Psychology can be really helpful when you perform it alone, but you may find that working with a coach or counselor trained in the methods, may help you release deeper and more profound issues more rapidly.

Blessings and Light!